The Most Powerful Unexpected Moment of My Year

But first, the story of how it came to be…

I’ve tried to do more things that make me feel a bit vulnerable or even look a little crazy.

My friends and I would go to Helena’s and I always did the worm. A big guy like me doing the worm tends to turn some heads and I remember my friends looking at me like “what an idiot” but at the same time there was still a little sliver of respect for my ability to just let loose.

But when that feeling of being secondary starts to bleed into your private life, something is wrong.

Because of my mother, I grew to love live performance and developed an appreciation for how people can make others feel through art. I talk a lot about things that move me because my mother taught me how to be moved. That isn’t innate; it’s learned.

Opening Night of Bring in ‘da Noise, Bring in ‘da Funk

But it’s a muscle, you have to work it. Just getting up and dancing, being the star of your own show, investing in yourself — just plain stepping into the spotlight requires work.

It’s so easy to fall into a cycle of doing so much for others, you forget to be the star of your own show every once in a while. It might feel more secure to stay in the background, and that’s fine. But don’t stay there forever. Don’t be afraid to get up and get loud from time to time.



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Brian Medavoy

Brian Medavoy


Manager. Producer. Hollywood Navigator. Honored to help people achieve their dreams for 20+ years. Founder, More/Medavoy Management.