I wanted to title this blog “Something Good Always Comes From Something Bad” but with the sheer amount of bad over the past year, it felt trite. With the pandemic, protests against and protections entrenched for police brutality, and a genuinely frightening proliferation of willful, blissful ignorance, the past year has been an avalanche of shit. Surely not enough good has come from all that bad to strike an effective balance.

I’m not going to argue it has.

But as I thought about this theme that I jotted down some months ago, I started thinking about taking a break at…

Why I Share

The end of the year comes with certain rituals. Recounting the ups and downs of the previous year, thinking about how to improve in the next one. For me, it also includes looking over my blogs for the past year. While I scanned through the year’s blogs, I had something else on my mind: An exchange I’ve been having with an up-and-coming actor named Zachary Poole.

Zachary reached out to me a couple of months ago with an opening line that caught my attention:

“My name’s Zachary Poole. I’m a 25 year-old actor/writer on a mission to become the kindest…

2020 has been a strange year, but one thing that’s remained consistent year over year is the gratitude I’ve felt for all the likes, shares, support, and interest you’ve given my blog. This project has been quite cathartic for me and knowing that it’s been at least a little helpful to many of you makes it all the more meaningful.

To put a fine point on this year, I’ve pulled together the six posts that most resonated with my readers this year, just in case you missed any of them.


“Though it’s hard…

People who most inspire me. All of them aren’t afraid of hard work. They weren’t born on third base; they hustled their asses off to get there on a blooper down the right field line. They know what it means to do The Work.

These days, the barriers are lower than ever for talent to get noticed. Just ask Rachel Zegler, who used YouTube and Twitter to get on Spielberg’s radar for WEST SIDE STORY. Look at Teddy Swims, a YouTube singer with 1.38 million followers who looks like a blend of Action Bronson and Kid Rock and until recently…

As he notes in his first line, I’ve been trying to get my partner Erwin More to contribute to this blog forever. He’s one of the most important characters in my life and has one of the most unique perspectives on the entertainment business and life of anyone I’ve ever known.

For more than three decades, we’ve worked together. We came up through the mailroom together, we managed some of the biggest names in Hollywood together, we made TV shows and won Emmys together, and we’ve gone through the ups and downs of any relationship. …

Time is only valuable if you know how to focus on what matters

Focus is a skill and it’s a more complicated one than you might think. I have a wandering mind that never quits, so learning how to focus has been crucial for me. As such, I wanted to share some of the strategies I’ve used to optimize my focus, in case they might help you, too.

Being able to direct your focus will help you reach greater heights in your life and career.

Optimize Your Social Media

Your social media feed is what you make it. It may be filled with distractions…

Please refrain from rolling your eyes when you read this because I know what you’re thinking.

Generally speaking, I like to avoid the limelight.

I know that’s hard to square given how active I am on social media and on this blog, but you have to believe me when I say I’m not this active because I need the likes. I’m this active because if I don’t get thoughts and tidbits and ideas out into the world, my brain might explode.

That said, I’m still human. So you can imagine how amazing it felt to hear my client Sarah Wayne…

When isolation orders went out and people were forced to work from home, most of us assumed this would be a strange few weeks but the world would be back to normal shortly.

More than a month into self-isolation, we’re starting to see the cracks. Unemployment spiking, the stock market plunging, protestors flooding outside state houses to demand governors let them endanger themselves by reopening the economy. Panic is a strong word, but many people are starting to lose their cool.

If not their cool, then their patience, poise, or balance. It’s a damn stressful time, who could blame them…

Whenever I meet a new potential client, I ask, “What’s your story?”

Everyone’s life is impacted or guided by the stories they love; be it characters in movies, lyrics in songs, passages in books or poetry. Actors, directors, writers, and producers are all storytellers, and they all have a unique way of looking at their own lives and narratives. One of my main jobs as a manager is to listen attentively, gather information, and help these people share their experiences in such a way that they can be heard.

When I work with a client, my goal is to invite…

If you stop and think about your career as a series of horse races, a few things are going to happen. You’re more likely to get where you want to go. You’re more likely to build good relationships. And you’re more likely to have fun while you do it.

The parallel here should be obvious: In horse racing, you have to bet the right horses or you’re going to wind up going home early with a big hole in your pocket.

You have to have the instincts to know who has the discipline, who has the willingness, who has the…

Brian Medavoy

Manager. Producer. Hollywood Navigator. Honored to help people achieve their dreams for 20+ years. Founder, More/Medavoy Management.

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